Soundtrack to On the way of progress. Full performance at Maekitso's Café.

Does it end with a train wreck? No. You can't halt progress.

r ú è?


Dialogue written mostly with ANSI characters. Translation to speech provided by Google Translate.

Characters will be posted at Maekitso's Café, soonish.

Practicing my elocution.

ʊmf (oomph)


ʊmf (oomph) eɪ la:dʒ weɪv ‘rəʊlɪŋ ‘ɪntu eɪ bləʊ həʊl ænd æn ɪk’spləʊʒən əv spreɪ; eɪ ˈnætʃrəl ɪ’læstɪk.



I've been a while at it but decided to try stepping back into the audible. This is an adaptation that I have made of what was originally a five sher ghazal written in 2008 for an image prompt at Rick Mobbs' Mine Enemy Grows Older (Storybook Collaborative). I rewrote it for the present 2011 here, and then set myself the challenge of actually saying the words and thinking about what I wanted you to sound them like. :) It's a one take. I thought about adding one of my guitar pieces to the background but couldn't get my head around the prospect of trying to time my words to another rhythm. That'll be the next challenge for 2011. Cheers!

Dusk (A View from my balcony) is without a doubt one of the most appropriate pieces that the fabulous Poet Busker, Kiersty Boon, could have asked me to put my voice to. My writing desk is perched here over a tree filled valley that bursts into birdsong mornings and evenings. Add one approaching electrical storm and the late evening drone of cicadas; one can't help but feel insignificant.

Original revised texty version at Maekitso's. //

Key dislocation indicator - My creative writing persona has infiltrated my internal workplace emails.



.       Back in a moment <<<

Hold that thought.

Slip into something becoming.

Look in my eyes……

No!!! Look

in my eyes.


Hang on a second

I’m coming.


Reversing truck courtesy of Soundsnap

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